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Origin of Araya

Araya is derived from the Japanese word "荒谷", which means rough valley, and the ecosystem of SUI is like its name, like water flowing through the valley, bringing life to the valley and making it a paradise in the end.

What is Araya Finance?

Araya Finance is a Defi Protocol native to SUI ecosystem and will provide SUI users with an unparalleled one-stop Defi experience.
Users can choose Araya's smart contracts to initiate token-independent liquidity pools and leverage Araya's proprietary formula to provide fast, low-slippage, low-fee transactions for SUI ecosystem tokens. In addition, users can take advantage of opening an Araya Credit account to enjoy the leverage services from native Defi primitive.
On top of that, Araya Id services one the one hand allows users to monitor the status of their property in real time and to quickly access market opportunities with the unique benefits of Araya Finance, and on the other hand, provides the DID infrastructure to facilitate Web3 ecology complete the point-to-point mapping of users in the Web3 world and the peripheral world.
For developers in the SUI ecosystem, Araya Finance will provide developers with a one-stop token offering solution, from the offering format to the implementation of the solution.
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